Xolvis Pay

Boost your conversion rate with our holistic payment solution for POS and eCommerce.  

Boost your conversion rate with our holistic payment solution for POS and eCommerce.  

Xolvis Pay for POS   

A fully integrated point of sale solution with plug and play terminals.

Terminals delivered fully configured

Our plug and play terminals will be delivered fully configured and ready for processing.

Multiple terminals available

Multiple terminals available, from easy to complex:

  • Basic app features credit card payments via NFC
  • Terminal including keyboard
  • Terminal including touchscreen
  • Terminal supporting digital signature on touchscreen

All relevant payment flows featured

Our solution features all relevant payment flows such as 

  • Card authentication  
  • Money capture 
  • Staging

Authentication and capture handling

Extended duration between authentication and capture of up to 50 days possible.

How it works

1. Dropship delivery
2. Plug and play
3. Receive payments

Xolvis Pay for eCommerce  

All relevant payment methods in a state of the art environment.

Credit card vaulting

Our Card Vault provides an independent means of storing and tokenizing your customers payment data.

Smart transaction routing

With our smart routing engine you can define various flow strategies for your payment transactions. This allows you to forward each individual transaction to the best suited payment service provider and thus to increase conversions and reduce transaction fees.

Routing based on: card data, customer data, geographic parameters, currencies etc.

Fully integrated monitoring

The Xolvis Pay monitoring delivers all relevant KPIs.

  • Data exportable to BI
  • Customizable dashboard 

What you'll get 

API based
120 payment
service providers
Over 150 
payment schemes
State of the art reconciliation reports
Web based acess for  transaction monitoring
Fully PCI eCom

POS and eCommerce combined   

POS and eCommerce transaction processing on a single integrated platform. Fully API driven.

Flexible information collection 

All relevant information can be collected from credit card at the point of sale or via eCommerce.

Multi-token availability

With our multi-token availability, the payment can be processed in both ways. 

State of the art security standards

  • PCI 4.x/5.x certified
  • Full EMVCo certification
  • Fully PCI eCom certified

Additional benefits  

Global monitoring

For each station / merchant all transactions including all relevant data can be tracked by the individual business. 

Based on this individual monitoring, a global view for headquarters with aggregated details is available as well.

Individual reports are easy to create via drag and drop.

Global availability

Global availability supporting over 40 countries and over 16 languages.

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