Your advantages with Xolvis

From the order to delivery: Xolvis makes your life easier!

Order management

Know how and know what: Orders are best placed specifically and, if possible, extended.  

Create orders digitally

No more paperwork when creating orders: create orders digitally and automatically link them to customer data – it's faster and automatically archived.

Expand orders digitally

More sales made easy: Suggest order extensions to your customers without stress – by email. This also increases the likelihood that your customer will accept it. Because that way he doesn't have any stress either. Plus, it increases legal security.

Document orders digitally

Give your customers insight: You can use photos and videos to show your customers exactly what needs to be done. This is how you create trust.

Customer communication

Communicate with customers without ever entering crisis mode: No questions remain unanswered with Xolvis. 

Personal status page

Everything at one glance: An online status page informs your customers about everything during the entire process. "Where's it hanging?" Nobody will ask you this question anymore with Xolvis.

Integrated chat function

Everything clarified: Any questions you need to ask your customer? Any questions your customer needs to ask you? No problem with our integrated chat function! With which everything is also permanently documented. "You didn't say that!" You won't hear anything like that no more with Xolvis.

Real-time notifications

Everything ticked off: Whenever you update the status of an order, your customers will receive an instant notification. And you will be informed directly if your customer has a query. You answer when you have the time to. 

Digital invoices and online payment

Invoices are still printed out on paper and sent by post – and are often even paid in hard currency! Not with Xolvis. 

Digital invoices

Send invoices with just a few clicks: All the information required  is stored in the system. Customers receive the invoice quickly and easily by email.

Online Payment

With just a few clicks, the money is with you: Your customers choose from the payment methods you offer. Incoming payments are booked directly.


Always the perfect overview: You can view and evaluate all relevant key figures via the dashboard – from orders to payments to customer satisfaction.

Personal support: We are there for you

Don't worry, we won't leave you alone. This is how you reach us if you have a question or need help using Xolvis...


You can reach us on weekdays from

Monday to Friday between
9 am and 5 pm CET.


Or just write us an email. We usually reply within 24 hours.

Do your thing - we do the rest.