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Digitize your customer contacts. Save time, money, and effort. 

How to Xolvis:

Repair Order Module 

Customers value transparency, in particular when it comes to their car. The Xolvis Repair Order Module enables car repair shop owners to be more transparent than ever before. In this video, Tom explains how to use it.


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How to Xolvis:            Payment Module

More and more customers expect the opportunity to pay online, and customer of car repair shops are no exception. The Xolvis Payment Module enables car repair shops to have their cusomers pay online. Tom shows you how it works.


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Complete inspection, please.

Your customer delivers his car to you for inspection. Because he wants to go on vacation soon. To Italy. Long trip. Better check everything thoroughly. Which means: Up with the car on the lifting platform – and you underneath.

You quickly see: there is a lot to do. And then you do what has to be done so that your customer's holiday trip doesn't end prematurely on the Brenner autobahn. A few hours later, your customer's car is in top condition again. Thanks for your valuable work. You text him: "Everything is done, come over."

Your customer is coming. You tell him what had to be done. And you give him the bill. He looks at you in surprise. Not exactly pleasantly surprised. "I didn't expect such a bill," he tells you.

You can avoid such reactions.

And more. Xolvis Automotive, the solution for digitizing your customer contacts, will help you.

  • DIGITAL ORDERS: You can save yourself the paperwork. Xolvis Automotive lets you create orders digitally and send invoices digitally.
  • DIGITAL DOCUMENTATION: You can photograph what needs to be repaired. And share the photos with your customers.
  • DIGITAL APPROVAL: You send your customers a link. They click on it and subsequently see all the repairs you suggest. For each item, they can click on either “yes” or “no”. This way, there are no more unpleasant surprises for your customer when you present the bill.
  • ONLINE PAYMENT: There might be a surprise, though. A pleasant for you. Because with Xolvis Automotive you can give your customers the opportunity to pay online directly when they open the invoice. Which means money is with you faster and booked directly.

Do your thing - let Xolvis do the rest.