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Digitize your customer contacts and reap the rewards. 

How to Xolvis:    Repair Order Module

Customers value transparency, in particular when it comes to their bike. The Xolvis Repair Order Module enables bike repair shops to be more transparent than ever before. In this video, Christian explains how to use it.


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How to Xolvis: Payment Module

More and more customers expect the opportunity to pay online, and customers of bike repair shops are no exception. The Xolvis Payment Module enables bike repair shops to have their cusomers pay online. Christian shows you how it works.


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Inspection, please.

That sound familiar to you? "Inspection, please. The whole shebang. Going on vacation to Italy soon," your customer says. "All right. Friday it's ready," you reply. Later in the repair shop, you take a close look at the bike.

"Just in time," you think. And you’re happy that your customer is in better health than his bike. Because a material fracture would only have been a matter of time — and could have resulted in a broken bone.

You do what has to be done so that your customer’s next cycling tour doesn't end in the hospital. And what else there is to do. And that's quite a lot. Because the last inspection was probably years ago.

Friday afternoon, your customer arrives at your repair shop. He’s got a smile on his face. You tell him what had to do. Then he stops smiling. You present him with the bill. Now he looks at you like, well, stupefied.

"I wanted an inspection," he says. "I could have gotten a new bike at the discounter for the price." You think to yourself: "And I would have had to repair that cheap junk after just a few weeks."

You can't change people. 

But such reactions can be avoided. With Xolvis Bike, the solution for digitizing your customer contacts.

  • DIGITAL ORDERS: Xolvis Bikenot only reduces paperwork by letting you create orders digitally and send invoices digitally.
  • DIGITAL DOCUMENTATION: Our system allows you to photographically document all repair needs — and share them with your customers.
  • DIGITAL APPROVAL: Your customers will be sent a link, click on it and see all the repairs you suggest. Then they click "yes" or "no". And afterwards there's no more grumbling due to the fact that good repairs cost good money.
  • ONLINE PAYMENT: Talking about good money: With Xolvis Bike you can give your customers the opportunity to pay online directly with the invoice. So you have your money faster, less trouble with the cash register and all bills always in view.

Do your thing - we do the rest.