Xolvis Pay

Simple & Secure Online Payments.

Omni Channel Platform

Xolvis delivers the perfect connection between digital sales and physical stores with its Omni Channel Platform.

The platform offers the ability to store transactions and connect them across various channels. Ideal for businesses with physical and digital sales outlets and subscription models.

POS Terminals

In addition to digital sales through webshops, landing pages, apps, and subscription models, the terminals at the point of sale, i.e., in the store, are still highly present.

With perfect integration of the terminals into the Xolvis Payment applications, this sales channel will optimally integrate into the digital world and internal processes in the future.

PCI-Compliant Card Safe

Protect your customers' payment data with our solution, which is compliant with PCI-DSS Level 1, PCI 3DS, and GDPR. We offer an independent and flexible option for secure storage and tokenization of card data.

Smart Routing

Increase your conversion rates and reduce transaction costs with our intelligent routing. We optimize transactions based on various criteria such as card data, customer data, and geographical parameters.

Monitoring & Reporting

Get a detailed overview of all transactions. Capture critical KPIs at a glance, create your own dashboards, define pivot tables, and export financial reports.

Post Processing & Reconciliation

We automate the exchange and reconciliation of transaction data. Thus, we simplify the complex process of data reconciliation by consolidating different file formats from payment providers and deliver tailor-made settlement files for your accounting.

Risk Management

We assist you in implementing a tailored strategy for risk reduction, avoidance, and management. We identify and prevent fraudulent transactions for you and respond specifically to risks.

Fee Management

Keep an eye on all transaction fees and other costs. Calculate all costs in real time and optimize your expenses through intelligent routing.

Customer Profiles

Create uniform and user-friendly payment experiences across all your platforms. Enable your customers to save their payment methods and later use them with just a few clicks, achieving a consistent brand experience.

Secure Payouts

Gain full control over financial payouts in sensitive areas. Implement rules and control mechanisms to ensure security in payouts.

Connector World

Seamlessly connect with a variety of payment service providers. Gain sustainable access to the global payment landscape through a single API integration.


Adapt to your needs: Find the perfect solution for your checkout process, including solutions for MOTO orders.

Custom Solution

Gain a solid technical foundation for your business. Save budgets, resources, and focus on essentials like market strategies, growth, and customer satisfaction.

Card Updater

Keep your customers' payment data up to date to ensure payment continuity in recurring transactions and reduce fees associated with declined transactions.

Pay By Link

Simple and efficient:

Generate payment links for quick online transactions. These user-friendly links lead your customers directly to the personalized payment page, enabling a seamless and secure payment experience.