Off to the digital fast lane: Munich-based Xolvis GmbH and Sharebox AS have formed Norway an alliance for digital aftersales in the automotive industry. The aim of the two partners is to effectively relieve car dealerships and workshops, to create more time for what is really important, and ultimately to ensure even more satisfied customers. This is made possible by the digitization of the entire after sales customer journey. The solution is based on five pillars:

1. Online appointment scheduling 

Nobody likes to keep customers waiting – and no customer likes to be kept waiting. But what to do if many customers show up at the same time? The answer: Do nothing. Simply let online appointment scheduling do the job. Customers can thus reserve a free time slot with their workshop. And they can specify the reason for making the appointment. This way, the workshop staff knows directly whether, for example, only a tyre change or a full inspection is to be done. Peak times are smoothened out before they even arise. And planning is also helped.

2. Car handover via Sharebox

Nobody likes working overtime. But some customers may only be able to come by outside regular opening hours. No problem, because opening hours are literally never an issue again with Sharebox! The Sharebox is a 350-kilogram outdoor self-service safe with 32 lockers. It is completely weatherproof and firmly anchored to the ground – so strong and so safe that it is certified according to EN 1143. Customers can simply park their car at the workshop premises and contactlessly leave the key in the Sharebox – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Sharebox never finishes work and does not need a break.

3. Order approval and order extension with photos and videos

Transparency is something that customers appreciate very much. And good opportunities for order expansion are something car dealerships and workshops appreciate very much. With the photo and video documentation feature, both can be taken care of: Simply capture the (additional) repair needs photographically and share them with customers online. By e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp. Customers receive a link and can accept the individual items with just one click. Of course, they can also reject them. And they can ask questions via the chat function. This is how you create transparency. And transparency creates trust. The more trust, the better chances for successful order expansions. Meanwhile, all communication remains digitally documented, which means a strong plus in legal certainty for workshops.

4. Digital invoicing and online payment

If you work with paper for invoicing and payment, you sometimes need a lot of patience: Cash at the checkout, possibly even print and send out invoices. It doesn’t have to be that way. With just a few clicks, invoices including payment links can be delivered at lightning speed to the customer’s e-mail inbox or directly to the customer’s smartphone. With just a few clicks, customers can pay the bill. Xolvis’ portfolio includes over 150 secure online payment methods worldwide. In addition, all transactions are integrated fully automatically and error-free into the accounting. Also, all invoices including status are displayed in the dashboard, status updates are provided in real time.

5. Vehicle collection via Sharebox

Even when returning the vehicle, opening hours are a thing of the past once and for all. The only “to do”: deposit the vehicle key in the Sharebox. As soon as the invoice has been paid, the customer receives access to the corresponding key locker via his mobile phone – again: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

What the CEOs are saying

These are the five pillars with which Xolvis and Sharebox enable automotive workshops to offer their customers significantly more with significantly less effort. A bilateral win-win situation. 

Xolvis CEO Martin Jacker says: “With Sharebox, we have found the optimal partner for our own services. Together, we offer car dealerships and garages a digital aftersales solution that is truly unique. We relieve the companies at every stage of the customer journey. For customers, we do not only eliminate waiting times, we also completely free them from opening hours.” 

Sharebox CEO Arne Eivind Andersen says: “We expect a strong focus on digitization next year and are therefore expanding both our services and our capacities. With Xolvis, we can perfectly complement our service and support our customers with a holistic solution towards the digital workshop.”

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