Xolvis software for craftspeople

Digital doping for craft businesses 

Xolvis takes your customer contacts into the comfort zone. Consistently.


The all-in-one solution for
digitizing your customer contacts. 

Orders, customer communication, invoice dispatch and payment: all digital – and operational with just a few clicks.

Manage orders digitally

You're drowning in paperwork?

It happens. Doesn't have to, though. Really doesn't have to. Only thing you gotta do is say "yes" to digitizing your customer contacts. No more drowning in paperwork. Guaranteed. 

Communicate with customers digitally

You're never off the phone?

Why try to reach customers on the phone? Digital text messages are always being sent, always being delivered, and always remain documented. Three times advantage for you, zero times disadvantage for your customer.

Offer digital payment methods

Fancy customers paying a bit quicker?

Hardly anyone's in a rush when it comes to paying invoices: "Later online. Or tomorrow at the bank." Or: forgot to pay. And yet your money could be with you already. Actively give your customers the opportunity. And they'll pay. 

Three of many things our software for craftsmen improves

Order extensions
the easy way

Fancy a little more revenue? Suggest order extensions to your customers! With photos and videos you can explain the need. Your customers click "yes" or "no". Stress-free from wherever they are. No more high-pressure sales talk on the spot. 

coming in faster

Want your customers to pay more swiftly? With Xolvis, your customers have the opportunity to pay online - directly upon receipt of the digital invoice! This way, your money usually gets to you faster. Incoming payments are booked in real time.

No more

Fed up with guys remembering things differently? Oral agreements can be treacherous. One side understands it this way, the other side... that way. One side remembers this, the other side ... that. Digital communication remains permanently documented, case closed. 

The 3 steps to Xolvis


Get to know Xolvis

Get started right now or arrange an online demo with us first. We'll show you how it works. And we'll answer your questions. Non-bindingly.


Get started with Xolvis

No need to download anything, no need to install anything: Xolvis is a cloud solution. You can start instantly.  


Get into gear with Xolvis

Less hassle with customer contacts, more time for things that truly matter: With Xolvis your business runs smoother. 

Your data is yours!

  • Xolvis uses a German host server for secure data transmission.
  • Xolvis is GDPR compliant.

Mission Xolvis: Digitizing your customer contacts

Some things cannot be digitized. Customer contacts can. With Xolvis, service companies can concentrate on what they do best – and what they earn their money with. As for customer contacts, from the order to the handover, this applies: Xolvis makes life easier for service companies!

Do your thing - we do the rest.