Online payment solution is now available for over 1,000 car dealerships – customers can choose from five digital payment methods

Xolvis and betzemeier have joined forces to put car dealerships in the digital fast lane: as one of the leading providers, betzemeier integrates the payment solution from online payment specialist Xolvis into its dealer management system (DMS). For the businesses running betzemeier, this means that customers can now not only pay in cash, by card or on via transfer, but also online. The companies can choose from a total of five payment methods that they would like to make available to their customers. These are: PayPal, Klarna Pay Now, SEPA Direct Debit, Credit Card and Volt.

What are the advantages of online payments?

Among the electronic payment methods, online payments are the cheapest. On average, they cost around 60 percent less than card payments, for example. In addition, online payments are also much faster: In many cases, the money is transferred live. On average, it reaches the recipient 80 percent faster than conventionally. But most importantly, a steadily increasing number of customers simply expect the option of online payment. It is true that so-called “digital natives”, i.e. people who grew up in the digital world, are not yet the core customers of car dealerships. But they will be. And those who were born earlier are also increasingly opting for online payments.

What do Xolvis and betzemeier say?

Xolvis CEO Martin Jacker: “In betzemeier we have found an ideal partner for our online payment solution. We are pleased to offer betzemeier customers the option of paying online in the future. Xolvis gets better with betzemeier. And betzemeier gets better with Xolvis. That’s what matters.”

betzemeier CEO Clemens Betzemeier: “Our customers are used to getting innovative solutions for digitizing their business processes time and time again. Payment is a key building block, but it is not our core competence. Xolvis has over 20 years of experience in the field of payment solutions and is therefore the ideal partner for us. Simple, flexible, efficient and cost-effective!”

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