Software for craftsmen

Xolvis Craftsmen has your back

Noticeably relieved thanks to digitized customer contacts

Craftsman + Software = Winner

If only it were only the craft. And not all the other things that come with running a business. You know what I mean: the tiresome paperwork, the unanswered calls, the unpaid bills from your customers...

Basically, everything that keeps you working when you should've called it a day. Or when you could already be on the next job somewhere else.

All of this costs you time, money, and nerves. And what if there's an unforeseen disagreement with your customer on top of it all? Great. 

This may well cost you even more time, money, and nerves. You ask yourself: Does all this really have to be that way?

Our answer to you is clear: no!

It doesn't have to be that way at all. Xolvis Craftsmen is the software that makes your life easier, that simply digitizes your stress away.

  • DIGITAL ORDERS: Xolvis Craftsmen puts an end to all the annoying paperwork. With our software you can create, manage and expand orders digitally.
  • DIGITAL DOCUMENTATION: To avoid misunderstandings, Xolvis Craftsmen lets you take photos of everything you suggest there is to be done — and send them to your customer.
  • DIGITAL APPROVAL: Your customer then sees what you suggest. And can then confirm or reject the individual items. This way, there are no misunderstandings when it comes to the invoice.
  • ONLINE PAYMENT: Speaking of the invoice, Xolvis Craftsmen lets you create and send it digitally. And your customer has the opportunity to pay directly online. Meanwhile, you can keep an eye on all paid and unpaid invoices. Real-time status updates included, naturally. 

Xolvis gives you a digital helping hand so that you can lend an even better hand analogously.