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Digital customer communication and online payments?
We got you covered!

Extend orders

Suggest order extensions with photos and videos you share with your customers. They can decide stress-free from wherever they are.

Speed up payments

Have your customers pay online! The invoice includes the opportunity to do so immediately. Incoming payments are registered at once.

Avoid misunderstandings

Digital communication is and remains permanently documented. Misunderstandings with your customers are a thing of the past. 

Aircraft in need of MRO.

No need to tell you maintenance, repair, and overhaul of aircraft is a complex business. You know best. And you know the snags that can occur in the process. Like customers who are surprised to find out the repair need was as much as it turned out to be. And they’re doubly surprised when you present them with the bill

Well, I guess there are some customers who are generally surprised with the bill. Even when they had expected a bigger one. Never admit you expected to pay more. Postures like that. 

Why not use digital technology so these things don’t happen? Photo and video documentation, for example. That’s right. These sort of surprises can be avoided. With Xolvis MRO. And there’s more. 

Your advantages with the Xolvis MRO software

Digital customer communication

  • An online status page informs your customers about everything during the entire MRO process. 
  • Integrated in the status page is a chat function in case your customer, or you, has any questions.
  • Instant notifications are provided for any updates on the status page. 

Work order acceptance

  • Use photos and videos to suggest work orders to your customers.  
  • They decline or accept each item, or use the chat function for open questions.
  • This makes for maximum transparency and prevents surprises when it comes to the bill. 

Digital invoicing and online payments

  • After completion of MRO, you generate and send the invoice to your customer with just a few clicks. 
  • Your customers then have the opportunity to directly pay online, choosing from the online payment methods legitimized by you.
  • Our dashboard lets you evaluate all relevant key figures, such as orders, payments, and customer satisfaction.

Work order acceptance and payment with Xolvis MRO

There’s no better way to communicate with your customers than Xolvis MRO.

There's no faster way for your customers to pay you than with Xolvis MRO.

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