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Cleared for take-off thanks to online payments and digital customer communication.

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Online Payments

Pay and get paid digitally: any online device will do! 

  • lower transaction costs
  • no hassle with cash register
  • time savings thanks to a more efficient payment process

Digital Communication

Communicate with your customers via chat or SMS, send invoices via email!

  • real-time communication
  • contactless interaction
  • no misunderstandings thanks to permanent documentation

Browser-Based App

No download, no installation: Xolvis is browser-based and ready when you are!

  • compatible with any IT infrastructure
  • dashboard for full overview of all invoices
  • seamless reporting and controlling

Our software solutions

Xolvis FBO

Our digital payment solution is designed for FBOs to experience the benefits of a more efficient payment process, such as lower transaction costs and time savings.

It includes invoice dispatch via email, real-time digital communication and a dashboard that gives users an overview of all invoices.  

Xolvis MRO

Xolvis MRO digitizes the entire communication process between MRO companies and their customers. It allows for photo and video documentation of everything in need of MRO.

Customers can accept or decline proposed work online. After completion, the invoice is sent via email, including the opportunity for customers to directly pay online.

We are on a mission to digitize your customer contacts.

Some things cannot be digitized. Payments and communication can. And this is where Xolvis comes in. We make life easier for FBOs and MROs by relieving them of paperwork, by making possible online payments as well as legally compliant customer communication.

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